Providing quality excavation and septic, sewer, and water Main installations for residential and commercial customers in the Hudson Valley.

Excavation & Installation Services in Cornwall, NY

At BlackRock Excavating, we understand how important it is to keep your living, working, and business space functioning and effective. That’s why our family-owned and operated business is committed to providing customers the excavation, installation, and repair services in Cornwall, NY, that they need. With a personalized approach to providing excellent services, our local team members, who draw from decades of experience in the excavation industry, deliver quality workmanship and satisfactory results to residential and commercial customers in Cornwall, NY, and its surrounding areas. From sewer line repairs to septic system installation, the BlackRock Excavating team is prepared to deliver you the top-notch services you need. To get a quote, call (845) 649-1882.
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About Our Team

Many of our team members have roots in the Hudson Valley area. After working years in the local excavation industry, our team understands the importance of community and giving back to our Cornwall customers. From work in residential homes to places of business, each of our projects is approached from conception to completion with our customer’s satisfaction and needs in mind.

Our Services

At BlackRock Excavating, our team is capable of handling any type of project, no matter how big, small, or complex. Whether you need one service or multiple, we have a multitude of options designed to improve the functionality and effectiveness of your space.

In Cornwall, NY, we offer the following services to our customers:

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Keeping Your Needs In Mind

No matter what type of service you’re looking for, at BlackRock Excavation, we are dedicated to the personalized approach of each of our projects. Owning a home is different from owning a commercial business space, which is why we have customized planning and execution of projects depending on your specific needs and goals. Our team is proud to work closely with each customer to ensure the results of our projects meet their expectations.
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Committed to Helping Homeowners

While our team is proud to provide commercial site work and maintenance to commercial buildings, we are a family-owned and operated business whose foundation is built on the home. For this reason, we are proud to provide customized services to homeowners in the Cornwall, NY area. Whether you need a sewer line repaired or assistance with plumbing, we understand that every home is a space of importance, and our team works to ensure that our services improve your homes for the better.

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